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Siddha Pharmacotherapy

By Granniez Green Herbs on Mon Apr 18, 2022

Gunapaadam, or Siddha pharmacology, is the study of Siddha medications in depth. Drug qualities are referred to as gunam, and extensive research is referred to as paadam. Gunapaadam refers to a thorough examination of medications. Siddha (chemico-philosophical system) is an ancient medical system. There are 4448 types of diseases and 64 types of medicines(32 types of internal medicines and 32 types of external medicines), according to Siddha.

The following are the specifics of pharmacotherapy.

  1. Raw drugs in Siddha
  2. Suddhi of raw drugs
  3. Siddha pharmacology
  4. Diagnostic method in Siddha
  5. Treatment

Gunapaadam (Siddha Pharmacology)

Gunapaadam (குணபாடம்) refers to a thorough examination of medications. Siddhars (சித்தர்கள்), the finest scientists of ancient times in both material and spiritual dimensions, devised Siddha medicine.

Gunapaadam (குணபாடம், Siddha pharmacology) deals with the ancient chemico-philosophical system’s full topic. Nilam (நிலம், earth), Neer (நீர், water), Thee (தீ, fire), Vali (காற்று, air), and Visumbu (ஆகாயம், space) are the fundamental components of panchabhudham (பஞ்சபூதம்), which make up the cosmos and human beings. As a result, Gunapaadam (Siddha pharmacology) is based mostly on panchabhudham (பஞ்சபூதம்) and Suvai (சுவை, taste).

Moolapporutkkal (மூலப்பொருட்கள் , crude medications) are classified into five categories according to the panchabhudham concept.

  • Nila Kooru நிலம் (Earth)
  • Neer Kooru நீர் (Water)
  • Thee Kooru தீ (Fire)
  • Vali Kooru காற்று (Air)
  • Agaayam Kooru ஆகாயம் (Space)

The following are the specifics of siddha pharmacotherapy Siddha’s raw medications Suddhi of unprocessed medications Pharmacology of Siddha Siddha diagnostic technique Heath care Gunam (குணம்) denotes drug qualities, whereas paadam (பாடம்) denotes a thorough investigation.

Suvai (Taste)

Suvai (Taste) has got significant place in Siddha. Our tongue experiences these tastes when drug is administered orally. The taste parameter reveals dynamic of Siddha preparations. Six tastes are known as sweet, sour, salt, pungent, bitter and astringent.

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